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Donation & Sponsorship Requests

First, we want to welcome you to the King Blue Hotel Toronto submission page to make a donation or sponsorship request. Second, we’d like to thank you for doing what you do to help enrich and empower the people who live in our communities.  

We understand that any organization submitting a request has a compelling community need, and we kindly ask the following stated guidelines are met:  

  • The mission of the non-profit organization must be to serve and enhance communities, by providing health and human services, education, arts and culture, or community development initiatives.
  • All donations/sponsorships must focus on communities within the Toronto area.
  • Charities must have legal charitable status.  
  • Donations are to be used for the sole benefit of the eligible institution and are restricted to the use of the project for which the donation is being made.  

To make your request today, please fill out our Donation/Sponsorship Application Request form below.